Artist Album Title Year (released)
Alex Han "Fourteen" 2002
Jens Bunge "Shanghai Blue" 2009
Tico Cardenas "My Caribbean Rhythm" 2013
Alec Haavik "Shanghai Calling" 2014
Nomad's Land "Live in Shanghai (Vol. 1)" 2014
Alvaro Cardenas "Close Your Eyes and Listen" 2015
Peng Fei "3rd Month" 2015
Jonas Seetoh "Mr. Seetoh" 2017
Decker "Born to Wake Up" 2018
Ben Misterka and Collectivity "Off the Grid" 2019
Rule of 3 (self titled) upcoming (rec. 2017)
Jonas Seetoh "Youth of Sound" 2019
Alec Haavik & The Shanghai Shindiggers (self titled) 2019
Toby Mak Quartet "Afternoon in Shanghai" 2019
Reny Bao TBA upcoming (rec. 2020)
Coco Zhao (feat. JZ Big Band) 上海秘密 "Shanghai Shanglow" 2020